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Good Way

A morning time podcast for life-long learners

I once heard education called soul craft and it’s stuck with me ever since. By teaching children to delight in good stories, beautiful poetry, inspiring music, and the truth of scripture, I hope to play a small role in forming young souls to know and love God more. And because education is a lifetime endeavor, perhaps it will touch your soul, too!

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Hi! I’m Holly,

and I’m so glad that you’re here.

Learning to love the right things takes practice, that’s what this podcast is all about. By laying out a feast of things that are good, true, and beautiful, we learn what we ought to love. And when we love what we ought, doing what we ought isn’t quite as hard. You could call me a collector and curator of good, true, and beautiful things for kids, and for those grownups who haven’t lost their sense of wonder. This is the place where I share them.

Boring stuff: I’ve been thinking about education for 25 years, working in public, charter, Christian, classical Christian, and home school settings. I have a BA and MA in education from Biola University, and am working on a MA in classical Christian school leadership from Gordon College. Captivated by the good, the true, and the beautiful, I seek to help students, families, and schools flourish.

My family’s favorite podcast!

This podcast does a wonderful job of weaving literature and scripture and goodness together in an excellent way! I love the motto: “look for the good way and walk in it.”

- HomeschoolmamaC 08/15/2023

Incredible Resource. We’re not always able to do our morning gathering time so this perfectly fits into our homeschool. It feels like she is sitting besides us in our car reading, singing and walking us through our morning, just like we do at home. We look forward to it each time we use it.

- abidingfaith, 08/30/2022

I am so glad we stumbled upon this gem of a podcast! We look forward to listening to it on our long drive to co-op each week. We have all learned so much and it has encouraged me to incorporate new things in our own morning time basket. Thank you Holly for all your hard work!! Keep it up!

- blingerfelt, 11/02/2022

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